How to Prepare for Your Long Distance Motorcycle Ride

Most bikers look forward to riding over a long distance, and they will always take the chance to make the trip. The big draw to such a trip is roaming the roads along the beautiful countryside. Many people usually start with regular commuting or sports biking then naturally progress to a long-distance trip. Some challenges come during these trips that you don’t have to worry about when making short trips. Knowing what to expect will be the difference between having one of the best days of your life and getting stressed. Below are tips that will help you prepare for a long-distance motorcycle ride.


Begin and end early

It would be best if you started as early as possible. One of the best things is watching things wake up around in the morning. You should also be careful not to start your journey too early because of wildlife. You should also aim to be off the road when dark starts setting in. it becomes harder to spot the dimming light and you to be spotted too. You should be more careful to avoid stress hazards because your safety is of the most important when riding.

Dressing the type

It is vital to choose the right type of dressing because it affects your safety. You will need to have a full-face helmet because it protects you from serious injury if you happen to be involved in an accident. You also need to put on bike clothing that has armor inserts. The clothes should also have visible styling, so it offers protection, and other road users will easily see you. The right clothing is going to look good on you while providing protection. The best type of cloth is a close fit. Baggy clothes are not the best because they can discomfort when riding the breeze.

Wearing motorcycle safety gear can feel clumsy, but you will feel more confident and safer as you hit the highways.

Preparing for changing weather

It is hard to predict how the weather will be because weather forecasts are not always right. This can be even more complicated when riding over a long distance. The best thing you can do to prepare yourself properly is telling yourself you will end up in hot, cold, and wet weather at one point. This is more common when riding during the changing seasons across the country.

Long and Noisy Roads

If you are not used to riding for more than a few hours, it is never a good idea to go straight into a long trip. You should start with extended practice because you want to prepare yourself for the long rides. You will get a small taste of the experience while learning about the challenges and problems that come along the way. You might be enjoying the wind rushing into you, but it becomes fatiguing when you have to do it for many hours. You should consider getting a decent windshield installed on your bike if you don’t have one.

There is a lot of noise on traffic-heavy streets and highways. The honking noise becomes so uncomfortable because the trucks keep honking. An excellent solution to this problem is getting earplugs, and the good thing is you will use them for a long time, provided you choose quality ones. Get a few pairs of earplugs and carry them with you when going on a long-distance trip.

Constantly adjusting stance

Your seat form and riding stance is very important when it comes to stock bikes. You should choose a seat that is going to be comfortable, and these are the firm ones because they don’t sink in. When you have been on the bike for hours, you will feel like moving back and forth because of the inevitable itch. A firm and flat seat makes it easier to move when you start feeling the itch. You can even consider getting an aftermarket seat that comes with a backrest.

You should also consider highway-ready pegs because it is going to help you when securing your footing. When you properly set things up, you will have an easier time bending your knees every time you shift position.

Maps and wireless case trips

Many riders make one common mistake by not paying attention to what is up ahead and focusing on mounted GPS or smartphones. If you want to consult the phone’s map, get off the boke first. You should try your best to have paper maps because you can make them larger by opening them up. Screens are smaller, and you will find yourself having a harder time reading them. Paper maps are far much easier to use compared to smartphones. It should just be a supplement for the paper map.


One of the most important things to do when it comes to traveling is having a plan. When you have a plan in place, you get the chance to know what challenges you might deal with and how best to deal with them. While it can be exciting to start riding without any plan, it can be a little complicated if it is your first time. You can do it when you feel more comfortable with long-distance rides.


You don’t have to ride for a long time without breaks because it will worsen the experience. You should try regular short breaks. When you see a roadside place or a nice spot, spot and enjoy it a little. You should try to drink and eat before you feel thirsty or hungry. You also stretch your body when you get off your bike to relax. Riding for the first time doesn’t have to be challenging when you have a good plan in place. You will gain experience, and you will be ready to hit the road in no time. You will start feeling more and more confident as you take more rides. Once you have made the first trip, you should feel more confident in yourself when riding.